When a shark attack changed Sarah’s life

On June 5th 2016 Saah received the devastatingly shocking news that her Mum had been involved intragic accident whilst diving, Doreen Ann Collyer was attacked and killed by a great white shark.

Consequently this has resulted in Sarah really assessing the tool box and getting a serious understanding of what works to allow us to live again.Living again after trauma can be challenging but we must go on so how do we do it? Sarah has an in-depth understanding of the steps you can take to regain power of your life.

For those people who think that a devastating trauma must be the definition of them, Sarah is here to show them that there is a completely different way to live

To truly honour the memory of Mum I must work hard to LIVE. I must allow myself to not only exist but to thrive daily enjoying every experience that this life offers. Anything else than excelling any this in my opinion is a waste”