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The Neural Coder™

Creating  Gloabal Unthinkable Change: It ALL starts with YOU!

Neural Coding® is simple, fast, unbelievably effective and it lasts.  This is not counselling, this is not therapy, I am all about results not reasons.

Delete unwanted negative behavioural patterns in record time, this is habit hacking at it’s finest.

“In a very short space of time you were able to uncover the key blocks holding me back.
Vinnie Gardiner

I am passionate about simplifying life, increasing productivity and ultimately improving the performance of your Neurology.

Would you leave your phone for a year without updating the operating system? What about your laptop for 3 years? If one of these was running a glitchy piece of malware would you just leave it and hope for the best? No, because we need these vital pieces of kit to perform our banking, schedule our lives, hold meetings, sign life changing deals etc etc

So, why would you leave the most important supercomputer to sit with hardware that is outdated and misbehaving?
Solve the problem in 3 easy steps:

What do glitchy Neurological Programs look like?

The reality is Neurology is provided to us whole,complete, the programs work in exactly the way they were designed to be used, it’s just life messes it up. It’s not broken, it’s glitchy and requires a system update.

Life doesn’t have to be hard, life doesn’t need to be a struggle. Take control, take action and be free.
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Vinnie Gardiner

I felt you listened phenominally well and in a very short space of time you were able to uncover the key blocks holding me back. It really surprised me actually. Whilst empathetic you left no time for self pity or blaming, which I also liked. I think this approach may suit a lot of men, who prefer directness, with a view to getting results.

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Haydyn Stevenson

Sarah has a gift for making you feel totally at ease, listened to, understood and never, ever judged. No matter what reason you consult with her about. She instils you in a deep belief & confidence that no matter what challenge you are facing you will conquer it…and fast! I have referred a number of friends to Sarah and the results they have had appear to be the closest thing to ‘real magic’ that I have ever witnessed.

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Cath McLaren, Wellington, NZ

I was talking to a friend on the phone and telling them about my constant anxiety & how I had lost all my confidence. Just generally felt so unhappy and cried a lot. I blamed this on numerous things but especially thinking it was menopause. My friend recommended this company. When you agree to go ahead with it you have to really dig deep and give it your all. I have to admit I was very skeptical. Partly because I was just constantly negative about everything & I thought how they are going to help me with a lifelong problem. Sarah and I had two zoom meetings and WOW what a difference it has made to my life. I really don’t know how to explain how we did it, but it has been life changing for me Sarah gave me the tools to stop my anxiety. The other thing was the self-loathing I’m not sure how she did it, but I don’t hate myself and I feel worthy again. I find myself singing all the time and just feeling an overall happiness that was missing for so long. The cloud has lifted the sadness has gone. It has given me back a good quality of life that I know I deserve. Too good to be true but trust me you should try it.

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Sue Fairclough Operations Manager YHA

"So…There wasn’t anything necessarily ‘bugging me’ when I went to see Sarah but I was very interested in how this stuff worked so I kept an open mind. It turned out that something actually was ‘bugging me’ and that thing was a lack of belief in myself when it came to pursing my dreams. Sarah coached me in a very subtle but powerful way to clean up those niggling doubts and since then I have been brimming with confidence and have a renewed passion

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Jo T

Belief Altering
'My sessions with Sarah were enlightening and encouraging. Her enthusiasm for NLP is infectious and belief altering. I would recommend her services to anyone who has trouble convincing themselves to change.'

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Melissa G

Inner Turmoil
“I was unhappy with a large part of my life due to a number of rapid changes that had occurred, and in fact I met
Sarah by accident, or luck as I see it now. Sarah was the physio who treated me after a minor car accident I had.I wasn’t sure what to expect when I had my first session, but I knew I needed to make some changes. I had absolutely no idea just how much of a positive impact NLP would have on every facet of my life. It is such a cathartic experience, that doesn’t just tell you what and why, but also how. The techniques are so subtle, yet completely specific in their function. I’m still on my journey, and the changes I have made with Sarah’s help, continue to allow me to grow and live the life I’ve always wanted. I can’t recommend Sarah enough. She is a bright, beautiful soul, so easy to connect with, and as a Chemist myself, it helped knowing Sarah also comes from a scientific background (Yes there was a part of me that was somewhat skeptical) It’s true, it really is your life, so what are you waiting for?”

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Alycia B

When I first met Sarah, I felt very comfortable and at ease. I was able to communicate without feeling awkward or silly. I had the most amazing experience with Sarah. I had been feeling so down in the dumps and after just one session with Sarah I felt full of life, and confidence. I couldn't recommend this enough!!

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Katie O

Limiting Beliefs
'Thank you so much Sarah for helping me with my limiting beliefs, it has been a truly amazing, life changing journey. I no
longer have my limiting beliefs instead I believe far greater things about myself and my capabilities. You have also opened my mind to other areas of my life that need changing and have bought about a different way of looking at things. I am able to analyse more effectively what is happening to me and what it is I need and want to do. I shall continue to use the YLLI program and look forward to participating in some of the weekend course that are available. I highly recommend you Sarah as a YLLI coach and could not get enough of your gorgeous, warm and bubbly personality.'

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Elizabeth Regan

As a Mentor
Sarah has been my mentor for the last year. Within this time I have had regular check-ins and calls with her, in a safe and encouraging environment. She has a way of making you feel comfortable yet challenging you to dig deeper in your knowledge and belief in yourself. Sarah is such a genuine and authentic being, she is filled with
such a fabulous energy that is contagious, creating such an awesome work environment! She allows you to be you, her belief, guidance and expertise create another level of mentorship. A truly all rounded expert in the field

Sarah offers sessions internationally via zoom.
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